How did it go yesterday?

Welcome to another One Phrase English lesson. In this lesson we will be looking at the phrase “How did it go yesterday?“. When you ask “How did it go?” you are asking if someone about an experience they had.

You can also say “Did it go well?” or “Did everything go according to plan?“.

Listen to the audio lesson below to hear how this phrase is used naturally in English conversation.


A: How did it go yesterday?

B: My first day of work? It was intense. My new boss shouted at me.

A: Really?

B: Yeah, I screwed up a client order.

A: Don’t worry, it’s early days yet. I’m sure it’ll work out.

Vocabulary Breakdown

Phrase Meaning
How did it go? How was it?
Intense Difficult / Hard
Someone shouted at me Someone was angry at me
I screwed up I made a mistake
It’s early days yet It is only the beginning
It’ll work out The situation will improve / It will be OK

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