Have you ever been to Osaka?

OsakaIn this lesson we look at useful questions, phrases and vocabulary native English people use to talk about places they have visited. One question you can start with is “Have you ever visited (+ location)” or Have you ever been to… If the answer is yes then another good question is “What is it like?” which means “How is it?” or “What do you think of it?”. When answering, it’s good to choose two or three things to comment on. For example, “The people are friendly and the food is good“.

You can also ask people which places they prefer. For example you could ask “Which do you like better, New York or London?“. You could answer “I prefer London because it has great parks” or “New York is better for food“. In this podcast you will hear the phrases “Osaka beats Tokyo hands down” which means Osaka is much better than Tokyo.

Podcast Dialog

A: Have you ever been to Osaka?

B: Yeah, I have.

A: What’s it like?

B: It’s a fun city. The people are super friendly, the food’s great and there’s lots to see and do.

A: Oh yeah? Which do you like better Tokyo or Osaka?

B: Oh, Osaka, hands down. It’s way better.

Useful phrases

What’s it like? = How is it?

Hands down = It is the best / It wins

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